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Acer holding off on Windows RT, claims there’s ‘no value’ in current version

Acer holding off on Windows RT, claims there's 'no value' in current version

Acer has revealed it will not launch tablets running Microsoft’s touch-friendly Windows RT operating system until the software update comes later this year.

Speaking after launching a range of new Windows 8 hybrid devices, Acer president Jim Wong told PC World that Windows RT devices were still a possibility for the company.

However, he claimed there would be ‘no value’ in launching a tablet on the current version of the software and a final decision will not be forthcoming until the expected update arrives this summer

He said: “To be honest, there’s no value doing the current version of RT.”

Waiting game

Prior to the launch of Microsoft’s new OS, Acer had planned a host of Windows RT devices, based on ARM processing architecture, but was put off by the soft reception received by the Microsoft Surface tablet.

The delay was only supposed to be until the second quarter of 2013, but with the next version of Windows RT expected to unlock the possibility for smaller 7-8-inch tablets, its easy to see why Acer is willing to wait.

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Samsung moves to block iPad, iPhone imports

Samsung has filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission in an attempt to halt the import of iPhone and iPad devices in to the US.

It’s a major move in the ongoing Apple/Samsung legal spat, which sees each accuse the other of infringing patents relating to their products.

Samsung has been ordered to pony up some of its unreleased handsets for Apple’s examination, while its reciprocal request to see the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 early was turned down by Judge Lucy Koh.

My dad’s bigger than your dad

Since then, Apple has filed another complaint in Samsung’s native South Korea and has also reportedly begun looking to alternative components suppliers, particularly for its mobile device processors.

But our American friends should not start panic buying Apple goods just yet; although the ITC is likely to investigate the complaint, we probably won’t see a final decision made for 16 to 18 months, according to legal experts FOSS Patents.

In the meantime, we’ll be watching the lawsuit develop with interest, and the vague hope that it will descend into a juvenile name-calling mess.

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