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HP promises more cheap TouchPad stock

HP has posted an update to its blog promising that further bargain HP TouchPad stock will make its way to the market soon.

After the company announced that it would be stopping production of its WebOS hardware, the HP TouchPad price slash (£90 for the 16GB version and £115 for the 32GB model) has seen tablet fans go into a veritable frenzy.

Mark Budgell posted on the HP blog, “We had a great response to the new price and are now temporarily out of stock on hp.com and at many local retailers. We will have more available shortly.”

He also gives a web address to keep an eagle eye on for availability updates, with the promise of a notification email coming soon.

Frankly crazy

Dixons Retail Group sold out in what seemed to be a matter of seconds (although it wouldn’t tell us exactly how fast or how many tablets it shifted), with scores of you telling us on Twitter that you were gutted to miss out.

Dixons Retail’s head of media relations, Mark Webb, told TechRadar, “This is a good product at a great price. Demand has been phenomenal and at times it has been frankly crazy.

“We’re sorry this has left a number of customers frustrated, but as you can see from your twitter feed and other social media, everybody wants one…”

A number of other online retailers have since followed suit, with bargain TouchPads currently as in demand as the unreleased iPad 3.

The best advice we can give you is to get yourself over to HP’s holding page, have your credit card at the ready and hope against hope.

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Updated: HP TouchPad UK price drop to £89 confirmed at Dixons

Update: Mark Webb, head of media relations for Dixons Retail, has outed the retailer’s prices for the HP TouchPad: you’ll be able to nab a 16GB model for £89 and the 32GB model for £115 from Dixons Online later today.

You’ll want to keep a sharp eye out though; it’s limited stock only and, by the sounds of things, when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Currys and PC World will also carry the reduced HP TouchPads at the same price points, with the sale beginning on Tuesday morning.

HP’s much-anticipated price drop for the ditched TouchPad has reportedly been outed thanks to a phone call with HP’s sales reps.

The HP TouchPad is only going to cost $99 (for the 16GB version) over in the US and UK webOS stalwarts were wondering whether the same super-low cost was going to be afforded to us.

Many expected a much higher price for Britons, but according to Twitter we’re only going to have to pay £89 for a 16GB version of the tablet and £115 for a 32GB offering.

TechRadar had a word with HP about the mooted price cut, but was told the situation is “still fluid” and the new pricing would be communicated in due course.

Touching the loss

The decision to drop the TouchPad from its line up could cost HP up to $100 million, according to BGR, which cites an earnings call where the company stated it would charge five cents per share to absorb the cost of the written-off stock.

That would equate to $103 million (£62 million) as there are over two billion shares in the public – showing that getting a tablet strategy wrong in today’s Apple-dominated times could be a very dangerous thing indeed.

Stay tuned for official confirmation of the pricing – but we can see a huge demand for the unloved tablet if that’s all it costs to get your hands on one – and especially seeing as it will possibly be able to run Android in the future too.

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