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Leaked pics show Sony Windows 8 tablet: VAIO Duo 11

Leaked pics show Sony Windows 8 tablet: VAIO Duo 11

The tablet news just keeps coming with leaked photos of a new tab by Sony hitting the web Monday.

Styled the VAIO Duo 11, Sony seems to be taking it to the next level with this notebook.

The 11 presumably refers for the screen size while the “duo” refers to its dual capacity as both a tablet and laptop-like device.

Though there are few specifics on the convertible tablet, photos picked up by PocketNow reveal much about the Duo 11.

Sony VAIO Duo 11 with user

Photo finish

According to photos, its backlit keyboard looks as though it’s attached to the tablet slab, unlike the Microsoft Surface, which will have several touch and type cover options.

There’s also a pen pictured in the photos, indicating the tab’s going to take stylus direction as well as fingertip manipulation.

Noticeable too is a Surface-esque retractable stand. While the profiles of the two tablets are noticeably similar, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony stepped it up a notch with its new device.

Case in point? One photo shows a full Microsoft Office run, not just Windows RT.

Whether the VAIO Duo 11 pokes its pen out at IFA 2012 this week or later on remains to be seen, but TechRadar will keep you posted.

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Ultra-thin Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon launching in August

Ultra-thin Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon launching in August

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon was unveiled in May, with a projected release date this summer, and it looks like the Chinese manufacturer is going to make good on that promise.

And, just in time, too. The ultra-thin ultrabook will go on sale by the end of August.

Lenovo announced the ThinkPad X1 Carbon release date at an event in Beijing, during which ThinkPad business VP Dilip Bhatia reportedly emphasized the notebook’s form factor and speed.

“They want faster,” Bhatia said. “They want thinner.” And here it is.

Throw away your tablet

Or at least trade it in. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is meant to be a tablet alternative, with its 14-inch, 18mm-thin, and 3-pound form factor.

Bhatia said that the device is meant to appeal to those who desire the convenience of a tablet with the extra functionality and power of an Ultrabook.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon is supposedly the answer to those desires.

With a reported eight hours of battery life and a powerful Intel Ivy Bridge revving its engine inside, it just might be.

Not with 4G LTE

Another leg up for the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon comes in the form of 3G connectivity, now through plans offered up by Lenovo itself.

The manufacturer announced plans in June to cut out the middle man by offering data service directly to customers, without going through wireless carriers or requiring users to sign contracts or purchase plans.

The mobile data packages come in flavors like 30MB/30 minutes ($1.95) and 200MB/24 hours ($8.95), all the way up through 2-6GB, pricing for which varies by country.

Unfortunately, although Lenovo announced 4G LTE compatibility for ThinkPad devices in the T and X230 and up lines, the X1 Carbon will be stuck on 3G.

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Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro: Least fixable notebook ever?

Apple's Retina MacBook Pro: Least fixable notebook ever?

The technology surgeons at iFixit put tools into hands on the new MacBook Pro 2012 with Retina Display, and the results of their teardown were shocking in more ways than one.

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro may be a thing of beauty both inside and out, but good luck getting one fixed down the road.

An iFixit teardown of the notebook reveals very little in the way of user-serviceable parts, with RAM soldered to the motherboard and battery packs glued into place.

In fact, the MacBook Pro with Retina Display received a mere one out of 10 on iFixit’s Repairability Score, making it the least repairable notebook the company has ever laid their hands (and tools) upon.

A surprise inside

iFixit techs not only got a nice shock while tinkering with the MacBook Pro’s sealed 95Wh battery packs, but also discovered that future RAM upgrades will be impossible – so choose wisely when purchasing.

Worse yet, the display assembly is fused together with no outer glass protecting it – an engineering and design marvel to be sure, but one that will require replacing the entire assembly should the display ever fail.

On a more promising note, the solid-state storage may not be upgradeable quite yet, but iFixit notes that it’s at least on a separate daughtercard, providing hope that the company may be able to offer an upgrade “in the near future.”

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MacBook Air design patent could spell trouble for Ultrabooks

MacBook Air design patent could spell trouble for Ultrabooks

If you’re a manufacturer planning to ape Apple’s popular MacBook Air design, you might want to reconsider copying the notebook’s unique wedge shape.

That’s because a new U.S. patent, D661,296, was issued this week, which allows Apple to stake claim to the swanky design, and they’ve got detailed drawings to prove it.

Manufacturers making Intel-powered Ultrabooks have routinely “borrowed” from the playbook of Apple’s MacBook Air, and with good reason – since being overhauled in late 2010 and dropping in price, the teardrop-shaped computers have been flying off the shelves.

A wedge between competitors

Judging from Apple drawings revealed this week, competitors will have to stay on their toes to avoid raising the ire of the company’s patent lawyers.

Copycat Ultrabooks don’t only have the unique wedge shape to fear: Certain types of hinges, feet or even the shape of the back could still fall victim to the wide-ranging patent.

The real question is, will Apple use its newfound design patent as a club in the same way they’ve done with rival smartphone makers? Time will tell.

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New MacBook Pros will feature Nvidia graphics

New MacBook Pros will feature Nvidia graphics

With all of the rumors flying fast and furious in recent days, there’s little doubt that Apple plans to introduce a new MacBook Pro soon.

In fact, sources now confirm that the company will ditch AMD graphics processors in favor of Nvidia.

According to recent reports, Apple’s forthcoming MacBook Pros will make the switch from AMD GPUs in the current models, to Nvidia graphics to complement Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors.

The swap appears to be directly related to the high resolution Retina Display which is anticipated with the new models.

While a “trusted source” confirmed the Nvidia news, it’s unknown exactly which GPU Apple will be using.

MacBook Pro + Nvidia= The complete package

The most likely candidate appears to be the GeForce GT 650M, an upgrade from Nvidia’s 28nm GeForce GT 640M.

“Apple’s riding the wave of innovation by teaming up with top technology companies it has strong relationships with,” remarks MacLife Managing Editor Florence Ion.

“The Mac may not be a gaming machine, but it’s primarily favored by professionals for its software and its technological longevity. Might as well pop in a Nvidia GeForce GT 640M GPU to complete the package.”

ABC News also confirmed that Nvidia GPUs will be used in the next generation of Apple’s MacBook Pro. What’s more, rumors claim the notebook will be thinner and lighter than the previous generation and also feature USB 3.0, the first time Cupertino incorporated the faster version of USB.

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